Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Greetings from the planet Hoth! Or at least that's what it's felt like for the past 2 days. Here's a snapshot of life in what's become known as ChiBeria.

This is how I looked most of the time.

Not sure how the low could possibly be -12 if it had already hit -14, but OK. That -40 wind chill was the real story anyway.

It was so cold that the insides of all our windows had frost built up.

But we Chicagoans weren't deterred. Here's everyone bundled up while waiting for the el on Tuesday.

Good look riding a bike in this weather.
Our commuter newspaper speaks the truth.

Today already feels so much warmer, and it's only 7 degrees. I didn't even wear a scarf to work this morning! It's practically spring!


  1. LOL at the puppy cover. Good for them. I've heard of some plug-in that you can install on Facebook so that you can see pictures of cats and dogs instead of things like babies and thermostat photos, but I don't know what it's called. So this comment is totally unhelpful.

    1. hahaha I would love that plug-in!

  2. Hope it's warming up for you in Chiberia, it sounds miserable!

    1. The high today is 40! I almost broke out the swimsuit!