Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Running Gear

We are currently in the midst of Polar Vortex 2.0. But that didn't stop me from running a half-marathon in subzero wind-chills on Saturday!

Someone once said that there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. This is the good gear that gets me out the door for my workouts in these chilly temperatures. (I'm wearing it all in the above picture.)

New Balance Windblocker
I did a TON of research to find the perfect winter running jacket. I chose this one in the end, and I couldn't be happier with it. I love the colorful trim and deep pockets. There are mitts built into the sleeves to keep my hands warm, even if I don't wear gloves. I love that it covers my butt without being too long. I love that it reflects light in several places, so I'm safe at night. But the most important thing is that it blocks wind like a boss. I ran straight into 20+ MPH winds for 8 miles, and I was toasty with just one layer underneath.

Lululemon hat
Normally, I hate Lululemon. Their stuff never fits me, and I really dislike their corporate culture. But this hat is the bomb dot com. I love the ponytail hole. I love the purple color. I love that it's long enough to cover my ears. Unfortunately, I can't find it online. Sorry!

The North Face gloves
I often run with my phone in the winter, so I love these gloves because I don't have to take them off to change to the next song or pause my Nike+ app.

Neck Gaiter
This is my newest piece of gear, and I can't believe I've been running without it. This simple piece of fleece covers my neck, mouth, nose, and even my ears when it's cold. I love that I can cover up when I need to and push it down when I get too hot.

LED Armband
The only thing I'm not wearing in the picture above is my LED armband.  This is essential for staying safe during those dark, after-work runs.

Do you stick to the treadmill in the winter? If not, what's your favorite piece of gear?


  1. Definitely going to need to get my hands on that jacket and neck gaiter. My run on Sunday was out of control thanks to the crazy winds. I usually wear a vest because it lets my arms be free, but that's been making me really hot lately. Also fleece-lined leggings by Nike are my go-to for cold runs! And congrats on the race girl! You're a trooper!

    1. Thanks!
      I can't recommend the New Balance jacket enough. I also looked at the Sugoi Firewall 180 (a close runner-up), the Brooks Utopia Softshell II, and the Athleta Jump and Jive jacket. Check out Running Warehouse because most of their jackets are on sale right now.

  2. Props to you, I definitely stick to the treadmill during winter weather! I'm a wimp.

  3. I really need to get a neck gaiter. I've been coming in from runs and my neck is all red and hurts from the wind. How was the race? I thought about doing it but I couldn't commit to a race I knew would be in such terrible weather!

    1. The race was alright. The path was pretty snowy because it snowed the night before and the wind kept blowing the snow across the path no matter how often it got shoveled off. The wind was coming from the north, which meant that running south was actually pretty great. Unfortunately, about 8 miles was spent running directly into the wind. I hightailed it to my warm car the second I crossed the finish line.